Warfare Tournaments

Warfare 2019 Tournaments

Numbers subject to change

Ticket prices – £25/player up to 31st August and from 1st September £30/player

Cancelations/refunds – can only be given up to 19th October 2019

Any full tournaments please email tournaments@wargamesreading.co.uk to get added to the reserve list


2019 Tournaments
40k- 36 Players rules pack Warfare201940rulespackv2
AoS- 18 Players rules pack Warfare19AoSRulespack (1)
Bolt Action- 18 Players bolt-action-tournment-pack-2019
MESBG (LOTR) – 42 Players
Saga- 12 Players Warfare 2019 SagaIronman Rules pack
DBMM15* 20 Players Warfare 2019 DBMM15 Rules pack
DBMM25- 10 Players Warfare 2019 DBMM25 Rules pack
ADLG15- 36 Players Warfare 2019 ADLG Themes and rules
ADLG25- 14 Players Warfare 2019 ADLG Themes and rules
MEG- 20 Players
WRG6*- 14 Players – – 1350 points Any Published Army list 6th/7th/warrior
FOGR- 10 Players Warfare 2019 FoG R Theme and rules
FOGAM*- 18 Players Warfare 2019 FoG AM Theme and rules
Swordpoint- 16 Players Warfare 2019 Swordpoint Tournament Pack
FoW- mid war 14 Players Warfare 2019 Tournament Pack Flames of War Mid War