Demo/Participation games

Demo/Participation games for Warfare 2019

Demo/Participation games

List is subject to change

Participation Games

Maidenhead Reapers – TBC

Norwegian Blue Generals  – “Nosferatu” 28mm Vampire skirmish

Wyvern Wargamers – Battle of Mohi (Sunday Only)

South Oxfordshire Generals –  To the Strongest (Ancients) (Saturday Only)

Table Top Battles – Indians vs US Cavalry (Saturday Only)

Sealed Knot – TBC

Maidenhead & District Wargamers – Bolt Action

Aylesbury Wargames Club – TBC

Oxford Wargames Society – Big Bloody Battles ( – BBB)

Newbury and Reading Wargames Society – 28mm Medieval (TBC)

Society of Ancients – 28mm Ancients SAT: Lost Battles SUN: Impetus

WAR Club (Pat Wingfield) – 1980s naval game

Chris Smith – Firestorm Armada


Demo Games

Earlswood – 28mm WWI – Attack on the Abbey (Chain of Command)

Combined Oppos – Wild West

Skirmish Wargames – SAT: A very British Civil War in 54mm

SUN: Saxons V Vikings in 54mm

Huntingdon and District Wargames Society – 54mm Rooke’s Drift, based on the film Zulu or a large 28mm WW2

1066 Wargames Club – 28mm Medieval (TBC

Sarissa – Mortal Gods

Battlefront Wargamers UK- Cold War Cassinga Raid

South London Warlords – Dark Side of the Moon