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WAR Club AGM Joining Details


WAR Club AGM Joining Details


Please see below the instructions for joining the AGM, at 7pm on Wednesday 9th “see” you then.


AGM Join Details

To join the AGM please use the link below:

Click Here to Join the Meeting

We are going to be using Teams again for this meeting but it will be a different type of event that is more of a meeting than the ones we have done for a town hall. The idea is to be more interactive so we can have members speak directly as part of the AGM.

You will go into the lobby of the meeting when you initially join and we will only admit those who are paid up members so please put your name fully when you join.

All attendees will join Muted to start with and we will then allow un-muting once the meeting has got underway.


Many thanks and hope you are staying well.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman