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WAR AGM Announcement & Call for Nominations

WAR AGM Announcement & Call for Nominations
It is that time of the year again for the AGM, due to COVID everything will be held virtual, that is nominations, voting and the AGM its self. Our timeline for the AGM is as follows:
From now until 17.00hrs December 2nd nominations are open for next year’s committee, any specific items for the AGM agenda and for club member of the year.
The AGM will take place on December 9th at 7pm.
Voting will be allowed to continue until December 15th at 7pm.
We will run another short Virtual meeting to announce the outcome on December 16th at 7pm.
To vote you will have to put your email address, name and preference into an online form, which is why we are giving a longer amount of time than usual to vote particularly, as we will not be able meet at Winnersh for the AGM if still in lockdown or if lockdown is lifted on the 2nd December, the number of club members able to attend Winnersh will be limited.
Membership Fees for 2021
We are also looking for your say on club fees for next year. Most people have had less than 6 month of gaming and some nearer 3 months. With this in mind we are wanting to know what your view on having lower club fees for 2021 is. The outcome of the poll will be shared with next year’s committee so they can take it into account.
The committee see there being 2 options:
Membership fees are unchanged at £40
There is a 50% discount for those that paid full price in 2020. Membership would then be £20 for the entirety of 2021 but it would have to be paid by Jan 31st 2021 to take advantage of this. If you paid the reduced membership rate in 2020 you will be liable for the full price in 2021.
This year’s committee feel that option 2 would be fair however please bear in mind that this year the club will make a loss and if the discount were put in place it will leave the club worse off but shouldn’t affect the ability of the club to run “as normal”.
How to Get Involved
To Nominate for the 2021 committee please use the form on the link here
To Nominate a member for Member of the year please use the form on the link here
To send in items for the AGM agenda please send a mail to
To provide your view on membership for 2021 please use the form on the link here
Many thanks and hope you are staying well.
Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman