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Club Update – re-opening 19th May

Now that the club reopening is not far off (Fingers Crossed!) it is time for an update on what has been going on and what reopening might look like.


Club Nights

Based on the current government timeline the club will be able to reopen socially distanced on May 19th. As this gets closer we will give more details about the number of people we will be able to have, how to book and how many people will be allowed per table. We are currently still working this out as there are changes to the rules since last time we will able to meet.

If the current timeline is followed full club nights with no social distancing will be possible in June when restrictions are removed.

As we get more concrete information we will provide further updates.


Town Hall

Closer to the first possible meeting we will run a town hall. Depending on the notice we have to will look to run the Town Hall on Wednesday May 12th at 8PM. Once the reopening is confirmed we will send out another notification for the Town Hall with the meeting invite.


Club Subs

Closer to the first possible meeting we will calculate the club subs for the year. They will be reduced from normal and as per the announcement earlier this year they will be calculated based on the rest of the time left in the year.



The Committee is working on Warfare taking place as planned in November. The dates are 27th and 28th of November. The only scenario where we will not be going ahead is if there is a lockdown or restrictions that prevent it.

There has been a lot of work been going on behind the scenes to make Warfare happen and will provide a more detailed update when we get closer.

At present we would prefer that members don’t enter tournaments as more volunteers will be needed during the weekend than previous years. Once we know what will be needed for volunteers we will provide more information. If you have already booked a ticket in one of the tournaments and would prefer to help out you can contact for a refund.


Club Sundays

Currently no club Sundays are booked, we are going to wait until reopening has taken place before restarting these. We will let the club know when this will take place.


Many thanks and hope you are staying well.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman