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Club Re-Opening, Table Booking Details

Club Re-Opening, Table Booking Details


These are the details you will need to book to attend club nights and where to find more information

Following the changes announced tonight we have been told that the club will be open in the same limited way we have done before Christmas. Unfortunately this is not the return of “Normal” Club nights, although we hope these will be possible once the next changes are announced at the end of June. There is one big change from before Christmas and it is that we have been told limited multiplayer games will be possible. Initially this will be for a maximum of 6 people and due to the restrictions for this there will initially only be 2 tables and these will be in the smaller Sindlesham room. Everything else is unchanged and summarised below:

In order to attend Club nights you will need to book in advance. To book in advance please go to the following link and fill in the information required, we need the information for Track and Trace:

Booking is possible 7 days before a club night and there are only 16 tables. Initially only bookings for club members will be approved, if you are a non club member and make a booking it will be cancelled and we will respond explaining why. If you don’t have a booking you will not be allowed into the club night.

Club nights will run from 18:30 and your game will need to finish by 22:30. This is to allow the club night manager and deputy to setup all of the tables and tidy up afterwards.

When at a Club night please be aware of the following:

  1. The club Night will be run by a Manager and a deputy – Both of these positions will be filled by committee members who will be in a rota. Their word on the club nights is final.
  2. Masks are required at a club night – This is in line with government guidance and applies unless you have a valid medical reason. You will need to bring your own mask as Winnersh Parish Council are not providing them. You are welcome to bring any other PPE e.g. gloves and visor if you wish to.
  3. Do not attend a club night if you are symptomatic and/or have a positive test – I hope this is common sense by now but if you are symptomatic or have had a positive test and have been told to self isolate do not attend the club. Please let the committee know if this is the case.
  4. Please bring Terrain where possible – There will be limited terrain available, the cupboard will be unavailable however we will put popular terrain outside.
  5. Please bring your own drinks and refreshments – The Kitchen is closed and there will be no shop available.
  6. You will not be allowed to circulate to other tables – If you want to chat to another member not at your table both of you will need to go outside.
  7. There will be hand Sanitiser provided by Winnersh Parish Council – These are dotted throughout the building and there is cleaning supplies to sanitise tables. Please do bring your own supplies if you want them at your table.

The above Please read the guidance document that details how club nights will run and the restrictions in place –

Winnersh Parish Council have worked with us about reopening and have given us guidance on how the night needs to run. They have then approved our plan to setup club nights. If you want more information on the Government guidance that Winnersh Parish Council are working to please Click Here.

The current plan is certain to change and will either get more restricted to the point there will be no club nights or as restrictions ease we will be able to move more towards “Normal”. We will communicate changes as quickly as possible though mailing list, Facebook and the website however with Government policy changing so fast please do bear with us.

Membership for the Remainder of 2021

As per the beginning of the year announcement because the club will be reopening we are now open for those who wish to be a member for the rest of this year. If you were a member at any point last year the £20 membership fees are halved to £10. If Discounted membership is purchased and you were not a member in 2020 we will refund your order and get in contact with you.

Links to the club store for those who want to use card or PayPal are below:

For renewing if you were a member last year Click Here
The page is password protected and the password available from

If you were not a member last year Click Here

We are still taking cash or bank transfer, if you would like to use one of these methods please bring cash down on the first night you attend and for bank details contact