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Club Re-Opening, Membership & Club Sundays

Club Re-Opening, Membership & Club Sundays
Club Re-Opening Information is below – Please Read
Following the latest changes we are able to extend the club re-opening. From July 19th (so from the July 21st club night) members and prospective members can attend whether or not they have a game booked. We can also lift the limitation on the numbers at each table.
However there are a couple of factors that we need to consider whilst track & track is still operating. We are told that the club still needs to ask people to sign-in, either via the NHS app or on a paper register and we need to consider how many people have “mixed” should a member be required to isolate.
For these reasons we will continue to use the table booking system. However you can now book up until August 19th as we hope the rules will change by then. You will be asked to set-up your own table using the “covid secure” floor plan layout. As all tables can be multi-player should you want a table bigger than 6 by 5 you should book an additional table and mail your plan to However we would ask you to consider that the number of tables will be limited when booking. If you are unable to find a table please let us know as we may be able to find space.
There will still be a committee member responsible for the meeting and you should follow their requests.
You will be able to access the terrain cupboard, but we would ask that only one person is in the cupboard at a time.
In keeping with the government approach masks will become a matter of personal judgement, however we would request that as a curtesy to other members you do wear one whilst moving around the hall. It will be your responsibility as to whether you maintain 1M+ at your table and the table booker will need to know who was at the table.
We are investigating options to use the kitchen – further details in due course.
Here is the link to the table booking system
Club nights will run from 18:30 and your game will need to finish by 22:30.
When at a Club night please be aware of the following:
1. Do not attend a club night if you are symptomatic and/or have a positive test – I hope this is common sense by now but if you are symptomatic or have had a positive test and have been told to self isolate do not attend the club. Please let the committee know if this is the case.
2. Please bring Terrain where possible
3. Please bring your own drinks and refreshments until we can make arrangements to use the kitchen
4. There will be hand Sanitiser provided by Winnersh Parish Council – These are dotted throughout the building and there is cleaning supplies to sanitise tables. Please do bring your own supplies if you want them at your table.
The current plan is certain to change and we will communicate changes as quickly as possible though mailing list, Facebook and the website.
Club Sundays for 2021
In the spirit of getting back to gaming as normal we have arranged the following club Sundays. Club Sundays will operate like a Wednesday with the same need for booking and layout until the rules change further.
The dates are as follows:
July 25th
August 15th
September 19th
October 17th
December 12th
We will have the hall between 9 and 4:30 if you would like to come down please book.
Membership for 2021 – Reminder
As per the beginning of the year announcement we are offering reduced membership option for this year. If you were a member at any point last year the £20 membership fees are halved to £10. If Discounted membership is purchased and you were not a member in 2020 we will refund your order and get in contact with you.
Links to the club store for those who want to use card or PayPal are below:
For renewing if you were a member last year Click
The page is password protected and the password is avaiable on request to
If you were not a member last year Click
We are still taking cash or bank transfer, if you would like to use one of these methods please bring cash down on the first night you attend and for bank details contact
Many thanks and hope you are staying well.
Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman