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Club night update

We have had a few weeks of the club reopening, there have been a few FAQ and some updates. These are as follows:


Club Nights

Thanks to all those who have come down to the club nights so far.

  • Please Consider Attending Every Week – We have had a steady turn out and some of you have said that you have been limiting coming down to every 2 weeks. There have been spare tables every night so please come down every week if you want.
  • The Cost of Club Nights –  A number of you have asked this question, based on the reduced capacity Winnersh council have halved the cost of hiring for the club, this makes the smaller club nights sustainable.
  • Organising a Game – Several members have been in contact to say they are looking for a game but don’t have a way to contact other members. If you have Facebook there is a game group that you can use to contact other members. We are trying to figure out how we can make this easier for those who don’t use Facebook. For now please mail and we will try to match you up.
  • Where to book – To book for a Club Night please use the booking page available here


New Members

Based on the attendance so far we have decided to re-open to new members. The cost of joining between now and he end of the year we have set at £20 and is available through the club shop here.


Club Sundays

We have cancelled the club open day scheduled for Sunday 18th of October. We have added a new date of Sunday 15th Of November which would have been the Sunday of Warfare. This will only go ahead if we have enough attendees to make it viable. To express your interest please put your email in the form here


Many thanks and hope you are staying well.

Chris Watling
Wargames Association of Reading Chairman